Here are two questions for you before you read further:

  1. Do you often feel that you are overworked but underpaid?
  2. Have you missed a job promotion that you were so sure about getting?

If your answer is “Yes” to one of the questions, read on.

Unlimited Income as an Insurance Agent

As an insurance agent, you are paid according to the effort you invest into building your own business. It is you who determines how much you want to earn every month!

Right now, your paycheck determines a lot of things in your life. It affects the house you can live in, the car you can drive, the holidays you take with your loved ones and even the school you can send your children to!

I call this “cutting the pie”. As an employee, you are given a pie every month. What you do is to carefully calculate and slice it. You will have one slice for your household expenses, one for your family, one for yourself and so on. However, if you want to buy that car you always wanted, you have to recalculate and slice each piece thinner or even sacrifice it entirely. How unnecessary and tiresome!

The trick is not to slice each piece thinner. It is to expand your pie and make it bigger! You can actually determine your desired lifestyle by earning unlimited income. As an Insurance Agent, the commissions that you earn give you the power to do so!

Your Career Advancement is Determined by You

Career advancement is cited as one of the most important considerations for jobseekers. In fact, employees do quit as the chances for career progression become bleak.

To many, climbing the corporate ladder is no easy task. Not to mention the office politics that come with it which can make it worse. Adding to this frustration, unspoken factors such as relationships or personal networks, other than work performance, are often taken into consideration when it is time to determine who gets promoted.

Career progression with us is transparent and 100% based on your work performance. Advancement criteria is clearly spelt out from day one. Once you have achieved the necessary, you can either be promoted automatically to a more senior ranking insurance agent or you may opt to become an Agency Leader.

As an Agency Leader, you can

  1. identify and groom talents
  2. lead and manage your own agency
  3. earn passive income through over ridings of your agents’ commission
  4. become your own BOSS!

What You Should Do Now

If you see truth in what I have said so far and have an open mind to further explore the financial services industry, please contact me for a career discussion.

In our career discussion, I will share with you my journey from being an insurance agent to becoming an Agency Leader. You will also understand my agency work culture and how we can help you to succeed in your career as a Prudential Financial Consultant. From there, you can have all the necessary information to make your career choice.

Take your first step. Fill out the contact form (by the side panel) and we will contact you shortly for a career discussion.