“Knowledge is Power” – When you join our team and embark on the journey to become a successful insurance agent, we will empower you with the necessary skills and knowledge to run your business.

Training is divided into 3 main sections, namely:

  1. Fast-Start training kit by head office
  2. In-house sales & on-the-job training
  3. On-going enrichment courses and professional certification

Going through our tested and proven training system can significantly increase your confidence and chances of success in this business. We will equip you with,

  1. Effective Planning & Goal setting techniques
  2. Comprehensive financial product knowledge
  3. Personal financial planning skills
  4. Business prospecting skills
  5. Interpersonal rapport building skills
  6. Leadership skills and many more.

Our training system has produced many highly competent insurance agents in the industry. They have won the respect of many of their clients by providing sound financial advice.